Hi, my name is Stefanie, and I am the creator of Barreletix.

During my personal workouts, I wasn’t able to achieve the grip I needed to hold challenging poses, and I would slip during Flat Back Chair during Barre class. So I began shopping around for something that would give the traction and support I needed, but I came up empty-handed.

I designed the Barreletix footwear with the Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Dance enthusiast in mind. With Element 14, you can now move purposefully and be free from any constraints or restrictions in your movement, thereby allowing you to attain your higher self during your practice.

With its smooth, sleek design, Element 14 allows you to perform to extreme levels in class and challenge yourself unlike any other product on the market. They give your feet the comfort they deserve, the support they need and the breathability you and I both want, trust me!